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Monday, June 27, 2005

More Fun with Google Wallet

BusinessWeek Tech Beat: More Fun with Google Wallet: Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li has some interesting thoughts about what Google might do with the online payment system it's supposed to be working on. I'm not so sure many people want to hassle with micropayments, but her suggestions about paying for subscriptions and for new kinds of content created by individuals make sense.

Meanwhile, one reader, Brian C. Bock of Iacta LLC offered up some examples of how eBay's PayPal may be leaving an opening for Google (although Google CEO Eric Schmidt says whatever his company does won't compete directly with PayPal, as we surmised last week).

"My company uses PayPal as one of the payment methods for our online game service. The problems with PayPal are many. First, they annoy our users. We want to accept their payment method, but to do so, our users are encouraged to sign up for more than the payment. They are nagged about credit cards. They are asked for optional info that's not needed for the transaction.

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